Database Systems

InfiNet Computer Solutions specializes in Microsoft SQL and MySQL database hosting. Here are the key services they offer:

  1. Professional SQL Hosting:

    • InfiNet provides highly scalable and highly available hosting options for both Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases.

  2. Database Design and Development:

    • InfiNet collaborates with clients to design and develop custom databases tailored to their specific needs.

    • These databases are crucial for managing critical business data.

  3. Integration:

    • InfiNet ensures seamless integration of your database into your existing infrastructure.

    • Whether it’s a Microsoft Office product, a stand-alone network application, or a fully integrated website, InfiNet has solutions to meet your requirements.

  4. Migration Services:

    • If you already have a database and want to upgrade it to a new version, InfiNet can perform a clean migration.

    • Supported versions include Microsoft Access 97, Access 2000, SQL Server 6.5, and SQL Server 7.

  5. Database Management:

    • InfiNet assists in managing and updating your database to ensure it remains reliable and maintains data integrity.